In 2015, Brian began a series of interactive performance events designed to address specific issues inside illness/disability/cancer in unique ways. Site-specific, challenging and intimate, this series is on-going and collaborative. Want to have a conversation about cancer that you don’t think is happening? Be in touch.

What the Treat Meant (collaboration with Catherine Long)

What the Treat Meant is an intimate conversation about stigmatised bodies – and what it’s like to have one. Inspired by the history of un-ease, dis-ease between disability and illness discourses, What the Treat Meant is a facilitated conversation and interactive performance which takes place for up to 20 people inside a spa or sauna. We are getting down to our skivvies to look at our bodies, look at other bodies, share our vulnerabilities, and explore the space between illness and disability.

At the end of each What the Treat Meant, we asked each audience member to write down a treatment which would make them feel beautiful and relaxed.

Download the menu for these fantasy treatments here:

Treatment Menu |  March 20 – Blythswood Square Spa, part of Buzzcut, Glasgow

Treatment Menu  |  March 26 – Ironmonger’s Spa, London

Sex, Cancer & Cocktails

An In-Home Conversation About Doing It During Treatment with contributions from Dr. Ali Mears, Beth McCann, Professor Jackie Stacey and more.


Cancer and pleasure: two words that rarely party together, until now. Sex, Cancer & Cocktails is a performance event mixing Sex Toy and Tupperware parties with expert information, intimate sharings and a radical perspective on illness and feeling (or not feeling) sexy. Facilitated by Brian Lobel and featuring presentations by a sexual health doctor, cancer nurse, and sex toy sellers, this evening for adults only, behind closed doors, inspires and challenges the way we think about our bodies.

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The Future

We have many more conversations planned about the edges of cancer care and patient experience, including work about cancer & race, cancer & class, cancer & war, and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates.