While You Wait… for a Cancer Diagnosis



Commissioned by Fuel for their While You Wait series in 2013, While You Wait for a Cancer Diagnosis is created in collaboration with research Kip Purdue and looks at the liminal space between a bump and a hard place.

For the “While You Wait” series, I thought it would be cheeky and subversive to write “Waiting… for a Cancer Diagnosis” and to try to put into practice some of the thinking that I have done in the past 12 years since I was diagnosed, treated and cured of testicular cancer. Because I have spent so much time working as a professional cancer patient – performing my personal patient narrative as well as creating work about how cancer patients exist in public space – I thought that the podcast would be able to be both simple, personal and profound. I wanted to make something that was well-researched, built in consultation with a professional, and that was a bit funny, sexy and political. I wanted and expected it to be easy, especially as I’ve thought about this subject for so long.
Of course, the moment one agrees to write “Waiting… for a Cancer Diagnosis”, suddenly, karmically, it happens. The bump. And the theoretical ideas you have about what you would do while you wait seem like a distant memory. This bump is not a metaphor, or an idea: this bump is serious.”